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fatt Choy Burger Is Back

Fatt Choy Burger is bekkk!!!

In conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year celebration, we are re-introducing the Fatt Choy Burger. The Fatt Choy Burger is a savoury, sweet burger with fire grilled chicken, red onions, green lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and our made-from-scratch EPiC Pineapple sauce.

The use of fresh greens symbolises a new start and greater vitality, while the pineapple or ‘Ong Lai’ in Hokkien used in our Fatt Choy Sauce represents greater prosperity and wealth. It is our wish that everyone will have a healthy, prosperous year ahead!

Ala carte:

Combo (+Spiced Baked Wedges, +Mandarin Orange):

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