Q: Why did EPiC Fit Meals Co. revamp their website?

The new website has been designed to provide a richer, more user-friendly ordering experience with enhanced navigation and functionality throughout. Customers will find also find it quicker and easier to access all information about us, particularly promotions. Additionally, the new website is designed to be mobile-friendly thereby greatly enhancing orders through smartphone and mobile devices.

Q: Is EPiC Fit Meals Co. halal?

EPiC Fit Meals Co. is halal certified to the highest standard by the Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia (JAKIM). Apart from obtaining Halal Certificate for our operational premises, we operate stringent internal controls over raw materials procurement, production, handling, processing, packaging, storage, transportation and utensil.


Effective 1st September 2018, all prices are subject to 6% SST. Delivery service is free with a minimum order of RM20 exclusive of SST. Price shown is inclusive of 0% GST. The implementation of the Service Tax is in line with the latest policy of the Malaysian Government.


Q: What are your business hours?

Delivery starts from 11 am to 11pm from Monday to Sunday. The last call for orders is at 10.30 pm.

Q: Where is my order?

Upon receiving your order, our kitchen will start preparing your meals. We promise to deliver within 45 minutes, and will do everything necessary to ensure your meal reaches you within the timeframe. However, due to various circumstance not within our control such as heavy traffic, bad road conditions or thunderstorm, sometimes delay may happen. If we are late, we will give you a free pizza for your next order. You may call us at 03-7733 3375 (Damansara Perdana) or 03-5611 9988 (Sunway) to enquire about the status of your order.

Q: How much does food delivery cost at EPiC Fit Meals Co.?

EPiC Fit Meals Co. provides free delivery with minimum order of RM20. There are no hidden charges.

Q: How do I make a payment?

We accept cash on delivery as well as online payment via Credit/Debit Card. Select your mode of payment when making your orders online. For cash on delivery, you may pay our delivery crew at your doorstep when you receive your order. For Credit/Debit Card payment, after selecting this option and checking out, you will be directed to the secure payment page. Follow the instructions given. Upon confirmation of payment, the order will be transmitted to the kitchen for immediate preparation.

Q: I need to cancel or change my order, how can I do this?

In order to ensure prompt delivery, all orders are immediately acted upon in our kitchen upon receipt of orders. Please call us as soon as possible at 03-7733 3375 (Damansara Perdana) or 03-5611 9988 (Sunway) to see if we are able to facilitate your requests. We are unable to cancel or change the order if the order has been executed.

Q: How do I get refund?

To provide the best customer satisfaction, we provide the following solutions. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Return & Refund Policy by calling 0179380000

Wrong Food
If you get food that is different from your receipt, we sincerely apologize. Please call us as soon as you notice that you receive the wrong food. You may come to pick up or ask us to redeliver for free. For credit card payments, we will void the last transaction of your credit card charge and recharge it for the new dollar amount. For cash payments, you will be asked to pay the differences of the balance if the new food has a greater value than the wrong food. In the same way, you will receive the difference of balance back if the new food has less value than the wrong food. 

Missed Food 
In the rare occasion that you do not receive food that is on your receipt, we will make it up to you. Please call us as soon as you notice that we miss any food items in your order. You may come to pick up or ask us to redeliver for free. You may cancel the missed food before we prepare it without any question, and we will refund the amount. No cash refunds. 

Bad Food 
We cook our food fresh to order with only the finest and freshest ingredients. We take great care and pride in all of the dishes we make. Please call us immediately if you receive unsatisfactory food caused by uncared delivering, bad packaging or strange objects in the food. We will need the food returned in the original container(s) so we may investigate and deal with the issue. We will prepare for you new dishes and make sure they're the best. You may come to pick up or ask us to redeliver for free. If you do not wish to receive a new dish, we may refund the amount only after we receive the food in the original container(s)* and have confirmed the error to the discretion of the manager on duty. You may drop off the food or we can come pick it up from you. Please see our policy on picking up unwanted food below. No cash refunds. 

Complimentary Food 
Sorry, we cannot provide a refund or cash value on any complimentary food. 


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