Honest, Real Food is our commitment to real flavours, fresh ingredients, innovative cooking techniques and fast delivery.

We believe the secret to good food lies in selecting and using only fresh, whole ingredients. We also believe honest people who care and are passionate about what they do makes all the difference and better food. Further, we believe in employing and managing our own delivery team to ensure quick, dependable deliveries.

how is epic founded?

EPiC came about from our observation on the current state of food making in the country. Most of the food we once loved, which were crafted through hard work and lots of love, and made fresh daily, has become increasingly generic and uninspiring.

This can be explained. Nowadays, most of the food are prepared by foreigners who has little or no affinity to the meals they are preparing. And to resolve this and save costs further, most food operators turn to suppliers for their soup or sauce paste. Costs also dictate that more artificial flavour enhancers are used instead. Rising costs, difficulty in securing labour coupled with the need to ensure affordability makes this an inevitability.

We saw this as a major problem. And we want to play a part in resolving this. We thought we will go back to basic. We draw inspirations from our mum (read; hard work and lots of love) as well as Melbourne (read; fabulous, fresh ingredients). We decided to focus on the basics on food making; to start making our own sauces and chicken stocks from scratch, to use fresh ingredients only and to work harder in our kitchen. We believe these are the mainstay for any good, healthy meals. We also decided to cook everything to order and delivering on-demand. Nothing beats a freshly prepared meal.

This we thought would help our community to live well and eat better, one meal at a time.


Our philosophy on healthy eating is that one must love the food they eat for them to consume on a consistent basis, and along the way form a good habit for it to be sustainable. And for it to become a habit, it’s got to be tasty, convenient and most importantly, affordable.

Next, we draw inspirations for our food and experiences from Melbourne. Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city for the past six years consecutively. Some even called it the world culinary capital. We are inspired to share the same multicultural range and quality cuisines, simple yet beautiful everyday meals that is prepared with lots of care and attention using only the best and most fabulous ingredients. 

Creating a great meal is actually pretty simple; it’s all about the real ingredients and hard work. The ingredients must be good and fresh, and so we source our supplies daily from reputable suppliers. We carefully select and wash them, and then chop, slice and dice throughout the day. Everything is made-from-scratch in-house from the sauces to the chicken stock. We also ensure that everything is cooked fresh to order. And to ensure greater convenience, we focused on delivering our meal on-demand within 45 minutes to all our customers. This, we believe will enable our customers do what they want and eat when they like, thereby living well and eating better… truly living an EPiC Life.

the real food delivery expert

We have been delivering honest, real food to our customer really fast since 2014. In addition to our proprietary Epic Delivery System, we believe in employing and managing our own delivery team to ensure quick, dependable deliveries. Each EPiC outlet only covers an optimal delivery area and our teams are familiar with these locations and buildings.

We deliver from 11am to 11pm daily. We offer a full fixed menu and we are never sold out. There is no need for pre-ordering because we offer on-demand delivery service. If we deliver later than our promised time of 45 minutes, we will own up, apologise and our customer will get a free pizza.

Our delivery guarantee: One (1) complimentary pizza if we deliver later than 45 minutes from the time of ordering.

Our delivery performance data:

Fastest delivery time: 5 minutes.

Average delivery time: 25 minutes.

Late delivery percentage (2017): 2.50%

*The delivery time measured starts from the process of ordering, cooking to successful delivery to customer’s doorstep.


We believe honest people who care and are passionate about what they do makes all the difference and better food. We don’t own a factory. We’re focus on the process, not processed stuffs. We just work harder than others (like how every mum would); we chop, slice and dice throughout the day in our kitchen at every EPiC outlet. We produce our own sauces and chicken stocks from scratch. No shortcuts. We don’t fry anything, instead we innovate special baking techniques which mean same taste & texture minus the grease. 

We are Halal certified to the highest standard by the Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia (JAKIM).