aye percik kelate

We would like you to give a super welcome to our Aye Percik Kelate! just in time for this Raya festive season.

EPiC’s Aye Percik Kelate is based on our interpretation of an authentic, aged-old Kelantanese recipe. We marinade a whole chicken leg overnight with a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. We then basted the chicken with sauce, before finally baking it to perfect golden brown. And to finish off, we drizzle the chicken with our made-from-scratch Percik sauce. Our Aye Percik Kelate features the most aromatic, and succulent chicken with caramelised edges of our made-from-scratch Percik sauce. Our Percik sauce is savoury, rich, fragrant and mildly spicy at the same time.

Due to the amount of work and time required to prepare this dish, we are only selling a fixed amount of Aye Percik Kelate daily at each outlet. Hurry and order yours before it runs out.

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national burger day 2019

Hail peeps! It’s that time of the year again, EPiC will be celebrating the National Burger Day with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free EPiC Chummy Burger.

This will be the third successive year we are celebrating this annual event. We will be giving away FREE one (1) EPiC Chummy burger with every burger (ala carte) order.

There is no better time to enjoy a burger than now. Wait no more, hurry and grab your Chummy Burgers today!

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G’day peeps! Please extend a very warm welcome to our latest classic and comforting dish, the “Classic Tomato Egg Rice”.

Our Classic Tomato Egg Rice features juicy red tomatoes mixed with softly scrambled eggs served over short, premium Japanese Pearl Rice and Japanese cucumber. It is sweet, sour and savoury at the same time, and brings back nostalgic feelings of childhood for many. 

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The Pick 'N Pair deal offers a wide variety and choices, whether you fancy something filling or light; a burger or burrito; some salad or more carbs; just Pick 'N Pair however you like for a super value and budget-friendly RM9.80 only! 

Here’s how it works. Pick any one (1) from EFM Lite', the Chuckey! Burger or the Googie! Burrito then Pair it with a choice of your favourite EPiC sides including Spiced Baked Wedges, Honey Mustard Salad, Farmer’s Coleslaw or a selection of beverages to complete a wholesome meal!

The Pick 'N Pair deal is priced at RM9.80 and this promotion is only valid for dine-in/takeaway until 30/04/2019.

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We know you guys are hesitate to try EPiC. Therefore, we are offering one (1) FREE SIGNATURE CHICKEN at your first purchase. This we hope you will start enjoying fresh food that is packed with real flavours and made of whole ingredients.

We are passionate and fully committed to helping everyone on the epic journey towards healthier lifestyle and better eating. We want you to enjoy fresh and tasty meals while you are hustling to achieve your life goals. We want you to do what you want, eat when you like. You are to live an epic life!

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The "i AM EPiC" loyalty program is a loyalty program which guarantees rewards for our customers' continued patronage. Just order your meals as usual and collect Stars for more rewards. You'll get one Star with every order. And you'll get real rewards on your 5th and 10th orders. It cannot get simpler than this.

So register online and order your way to greater rewards now!

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