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who are we?

We have been delivering Honest, Real Food since 2014, guided the mission “To empower the people and our community to live well and eat better, one meal at a time”.

We started our first store at Damansara Perdana with the goal to deliver Epic As Usual experience to the people in the community consistently every day. For the past 3 years, we never fail to keep our promises:

1. To only use real ingredients and create real flavours;
2. To work harder than others by hand on these ingredients, no shortcuts; and
3. To only cook to order, and deliver within 45 minutes to our customers.

Honest, real food

Honest, real food is meals made with fresh, whole ingredients and lots of love and hard work. At EPiC, we create Melbourne’s favourites such as chicken meals, burgers, pizzas and burritos. We source fresh, whole ingredients daily and our team then go about chopping, slicing and dicing throughout the day in our kitchen at every EPiC outlet.

Upon order, we cook and pack our meals into custom-made boxes, and deliver fresh, piping hot meals straight to your doorsteps within 45 minutes so you may enjoy our meals in their most optimum state. We’ll give you a free pizza if our delivery is late.

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