epic as usual

EPiC is the country’s first and only purpose-built delivery restaurant offering on-demand real food delivery services. We are on a mission to empower the people and our community to live well and eat better, one meal at a time. We believe healthy eating is concern not only with the food itself, but also the habit. Our philosophy on healthy eating is that one must love the food they eat for them to consume on a consistent basis, and along the way form a good habit for it to be sustainable. And for it to become a habit, the food has got to be tasty, convenient and most importantly, affordable.

Accordingly, at EPiC we strive hard to ensure our customers’ experience to be an epic one, always. From its freshness to its taste, the utilitarian packaging all the way to the free delivery, we strive to make every meal Epic As Usual for you! You may then do what you want, and eat when you like.

honest, real food

We believe the secret to good food lies in selecting and using only fresh, whole ingredients. We source fresh produce daily from reputable Halal-certified suppliers. Every meal is cooked fresh upon order. We only use premium chilled chicken for the freshest, juiciest bites. Our beefs are imported from Australia.

We produce real flavours through our own sauces and chicken stocks. No MSG ever. We only use good cooking oil such as canola and olive oil. We never reuse our oil, ever. We love your heart

good people, better food

We believe honest people who care and are passionate about what they do makes all the difference and better food. We don’t own a factory. We’re focus on the process, not processed stuffs. We just work harder than others (like how every mum would); we chop, slice and dice throughout the day in our kitchen at every EPiC outlet. We produce our own sauces and chicken stocks from scratch. No shortcuts. We don’t fry anything, instead we innovate special baking techniques which mean same taste & texture minus the grease. 

We are Halal certified to the highest standard by the Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia (JAKIM). 

we're delivery expert

We believe in employing and managing our own delivery team to ensure quick, dependable deliveries. Each outlet only covers an optimal delivery area and our team are familiar with these locations/buildings. We deliver from 11am-11pm daily. Delivery is free with minimum order of RM20.

Get your food within 45 minutes from order. No pre-ordering is needed. We offer a full fixed menu and we’re never sold-out. If we’re late, we’ll own up, apologise and you’ll get a free pizza.