We are passionate and fully committed to helping everyone on the epic journey towards healthier lifestyle and better eating. We want you to enjoy fresh and tasty meals while you are hustling to achieve your life goals. We want you to do what you want, eat when you like. You are to live an epic life!

We founded EPiC in 2014 drawing inspirations for our food and experiences from Melbourne. We keep foodies happy with our specialty Grilled & Oven-baked ‘Fried’ Chicken, scratch-cooked sides and original sauces. We also serve favourites like burgers, pizzas and burritos.

We deliver on-demand with delivery guarantee of 45 minutes. We also serve dine-in and take-away at our physical restaurants.

Our Founding Story 

honest, real food

We are committed to real flavours, fresh ingredients, innovative cooking techniques and epic services.

The idea of EPiC was borne out of our own profound experiences and challenges. We wanted fresh, tasty meals which complemented our busy lifestyle, but found none in the country. Our philosophy on healthy eating is that one must love the food they eat for them to consume on a consistent basis, and along the way form a good habit for it to be sustainable. And for it to become a habit, it’s got to be tasty, convenient and most importantly, affordable.

We believe the secret to good food lies in selecting and using only fresh, whole ingredients. We also believe honest people who care and are passionate about what they do makes all the difference and better food. We don’t own a factory. We’re focus on the process, not processed stuffs. We just work harder than others (like how every mum would); we chop, slice and dice throughout the day in our kitchen at every EPiC outlet. We produce our own sauces and chicken stocks from scratch. No shortcuts. We don’t fry anything, instead we innovate special baking techniques which mean same taste & texture minus the grease.

Our Menu